Reiki is Love,
love is wholeness,
wholeness is balance,
balance is well-being,
well-being is freedom from disease
-Mikao Usui
Reiki is an energetic healing modality that is practiced hands on as well as remotely. A healing connection is formed between practitioner and receiver through divinely channeled energy. 

I entered the world of Reiki in 2013 when I had the opportunity to get my first degree certification through the Center for Spirituality and Healing when I was studying at the University of Minnesota. At this point, I was just starting to explore connection to Spirit that exists outside of the walls of dogmatic belief systems. 


During this time, I was in the midst of several personal crises. I felt confusion in all areas of my life mirroring each other and back at me. I had recently been put on depression and anxiety medication by the university clinic, while I had been suffering from regular panic attacks and overarching feelings of sadness. I now see that this was one of my first shamanic initiations.


I didn’t know what Reiki was truly about, how it looked, or how it worked. I did know that I felt deeply drawn to the idea of helping others in an energetic manner.

I came to realize that taking Reiki level 1 was really for myself. Starting this journey was a catalyst to my own healing transformation; an opening on so many levels.


It took a long time to let the teachings of Reiki 1 marinade and fully integrate into my being. It wasn’t until January 2019 that I moved forward into Reiki level 2. This is where I gained the confidence and wisdom to comfortably practice Reiki on friends and family. Here, I wove a deep relationship with the Reiki symbols, none of which I had been introduced to in Reiki level 1.

I believe that experience put me into an intense process of deep healing and release of old ways of being that no longer served me, while being lead in a coming home to myself process that is continuing to unfold in an extensive way today.

Through Reiki I have learned so very much. I have learned to trust myself. Through connecting to my intuition, I have strengthened my relationship with Spirit; a relationship that proceeds to grow and blossom in magical ways. The benefits of weaving Reiki into my life continue to bless me each day. I am filled to the brim with the knowing that I am always connected to Spirit; supported by this beautiful energy, always flowing. I am humbled and full of joy to walk alongside you in your healing journey.

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