Placenta Medicine

Placenta Encapsulation

$150/$100 for Doula Clients

Your placenta encapsulation includes dried placenta capsules (the number of capsules will vary based on the size of your placenta), a keepsake art print of the placenta, and an umbilical cord keepsake.

Placenta Tincture


Using a small amount of the placenta in organic vodka is a wonderful way to have placenta medicine that will last indefinitely. This form of placenta medicine will last indefinitely and has the same benefits as placenta capsules. Tincture is great for use in times of change, such as the return of your moon time (menstrual cycle) or to aid in the relief of menopausal symptoms.

Placenta Readings

The placenta is an exact genetic match to the baby; the placenta's DNA is half mother & half father.

Placenta readings may offer insight into your child's path, purpose, and the person they will grow to become. I will intuitively read the placenta and listen for the wisdom it has to share.

I provide this offering free of charge.

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