Welcome to the Womb Portal

Our womb holds the sacred temple in our body that transports us to expanded states of consciousness in safety for transformational healing.

Whether you are feminine, masculine, or a family getting ready to welcome a child, Mia’s offerings include a collaboration of intuitive plant medicine, Reiki Healing, and an expertise on the womb as portal to realms of expansive healing. Mia is dedicated to honoring your sacred journey of transformation. Please take a moment to look into her Holistic Doula services, Reiki offerings, and herbal medicines.

I want you to be

wild woman



&    h e a l e r 

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Mia starts and ends each day the same way; in her large family bed, inviting love in its wholeness through Spirit into her family's lives. This usually looks like a gratitude circle followed by reciting a morning or evening verse with her two young sons. She spends most of her time learning through play with nature in the magical Rocky Mountains. Mia loves harvesting sacred plants from the land and listening for their whispers to inform her medicine making.


As a child, Mia was introduced to many different dogmatic spiritual paths. This lead to quite a lot of inner discord and confusion. She came to realize that the dissonance in perception was one of the greatest gifts she has received. It encouraged her to trust her own inner knowing and move through shadow to find what really speaks to her in way of connecting with Spirit. When she met Divine Feminine frequency and found sacred womb work, it was a deep coming home experience filled with feelings and remembrance.

Mia is passionate about sharing the medicine of the plants and the gifts of the womb with those who are also called to the path. She studied medical and holistic health at the University level and chose to leave before getting a final degree to pursue what was true for her. Her formal titles include Reiki Master Teacher with Eliza Stephen and Mermaid Temple of the Womb and Certified Holistic Doula with Whapio and the Matrona.